Information for Buyers

From new to buying to seasoned investors, everyone needs information. As a realtor I wake up to e-mails with the latest listings. I match homes with my clients criteria and I research every home that my clients are interested in. Some areas are well known to me because I see listings on a daily basis.

Once my clients are ready to house hunt I guide them through all the steps to finding the place they will like best, as per their budget. I am not pushy. I observe the interests of my clients and watch out for what is best for them.

I have a personalized style with respect to making offers, negotiating and even reading multiple offer scenarios. Call me for a buyer's presentation or simply to be e-mailed listings and I'll be happy to help with no obligation.

Information for Sellers

What sells a home? Emotions. Positive feelings.

Whether it's a layout, good interior finishes or staging, pricing or even the wording of an advertisement, when people feel good about your home they will pay good money for it.

I am here to guide you in how to market and sell your property for the best price.

Call me for a listing presentation, I can even send you the powerpoint. I'll inform you about my approach and the good resources and capabilities of my company

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